october 28 . 2016

being aware : first-world ethics

Once we know and are aware, we are responsible for our action and our inaction. We can do something about it or ignore it. Either way, we are still responsible.

– Jean Paul Sartre


I began waking up to the real-world-horror of fast-fashion and slave labor this Summer as I perused my friend Ellie’s website. Knowing that my clothes from Target and Nordstrom are most likely not ethically made didn’t really impact me until I watched True Cost, a documentary (available on Netflix!) which shares real stories from real people who, as slave laborers, make the clothes that we buy.

It started to change the way that I thought about clothing and materialism, and the value(s) we place on them. Continue reading “october 28 . 2016”

october 7 . 2016

October is my favorite month.

Main reason: it’s getting colder. If you know me even a little, you know I prefer cold weather (read: I really really dislike the heat).

This morning, I added a scarf to my outfit for the first time this season because the chill in the air was just so delicious. There is nothing like walking outside, covered with the right layers in the right places so that cozy goes with you everywhere except your cheeks. Your cheeks are tickled with the 55 degree air but you love it because Fall. Continue reading “october 7 . 2016”