may 12 . 2017

My friend Carrie created, developed, and published a gorgeous daily planner called the Codex Planner for women who want to intentionally integrate spirituality into their weekly agendas. Being a lover of physical planners myself (I’m all-about yet another reason to stop looking at my phone so often) and appreciating it’s simple beauty, I wanted to share it with you today. 

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march 31 . 2017


I am a birthday-loving person.

I have always believed in taking the entire day to celebrate. It wasn’t until a couple years ago and working a professional job that I realized – oh – it’s not normal for other people to take the day off from work on their birthday? Whomp-whomp. There goes that tradition.

Luckily, this year my birthday fell on a Saturday. And there was never a more perfect birthday. I do find myself saying that every year, so I guess they just keep getting better and better. Continue reading “march 31 . 2017”

january 6 . 2017

the clarity winter brings

Desiring peace, wisdom, and fluidity in my thoughts, I have chosen to practice stillness and awareness this winter. I choose to see the beauty in this winter season, embracing the chill that these cold days have brought us and think about how I’m able to see past trees with their branches bare when in other seasons I am seeing more of the trees themselves.

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