april 21 . 2017

Remember my friend Ellie of Selflessly Styled? I was so honored when she asked to interview me about my process of engaging with the belief in and support of ethical buying practices and products. Here is the introduction from the finished piece and an invitation to read it in its entirety on her website. Thanks, Ellie!



I was born and raised in a small suburb of Portland. I absolutely love Oregon and will hopefully live here all my life. I have a bachelor’s degree from a small university in Northern California.  I spent seven years there (on and off), sweating in the ridiculous heat before finally moving back to the glory of evergreens and fog and overcast skies.

I work as an admissions counselor at a local university and spend all my spare time either adoring my nephew and two nieces or volunteering at my church in various capacities. My family members are the most important people in my life and I prioritize doing life with them.

I also love the city of Portland and dream of the day I can live in a loft in the Pearl, buying all my vegetables from the farmer’s markets and jogging by the river. I love to cook, read, sing along with Keith Urban on the radio, and watch Madam Secretary.

to keep reading, follow this link…


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