march 31 . 2017


I am a birthday-loving person.

I have always believed in taking the entire day to celebrate. It wasn’t until a couple years ago and working a professional job that I realized – oh – it’s not normal for other people to take the day off from work on their birthday? Whomp-whomp. There goes that tradition.

Luckily, this year my birthday fell on a Saturday. And there was never a more perfect birthday. I do find myself saying that every year, so I guess they just keep getting better and better.

After days and days and days of rain, February 11th dawned sunny and warm and gorgeous.


Being together is the most important thing to me and this year, all I wanted was to be with my family. So we spent almost the entire day together.

Everyone spent the night at our house so we awoke to babies screaming and laughing, which is just the way I like to wake up. My sister-in-love brought me a lavender latte from my favorite coffee shop and pretty soon we were enjoying a delicious and healthy brunch.


Shortly after, I was crying as I read deep and meaningful letters from my thoughtful family members. Feeling known and loved and appreciated by your people is a phenomenon I wish for everyone to experience on a regular basis.

And then! It was time to go outside!


real life


Later on, we took naps and I made roasted veggies for dinner and ended the day with Captain America and sweet potato brownies.


hopes and prayers for 28

courage…to speak boldly, to sit with uncomfortable truths, to step outside the familiar.

healing…for those close to me, for all parts and pieces of me.

kindness…towards every single person that crosses my path.

unconditional love…for those I love the most.

gratitude…for every day of being alive.


moments beautifully captured by Madison K. Photography © 2017

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