december 2 . 2016


I have a habit of doing tablescapes for any family gathering we have, regardless of whether there is an event to be celebrated or not. I like to believe that every occasion spent together – not just the holidays – is special because people are special. Dressing up the table and making it lovely and inviting helps to communicate that to those I love. They are worth my time and attention to prepare in this small way.

This year, I am incredibly grateful to belong to a blood-related family that is committed to loving one another and celebrating together regardless of election results and religious or political positions. We lean so many different directions – some far from and some near to the proverbial middle – yet we choose to look past the edges of our boxes and into the eyes and beautiful hearts of those that love us unconditionally.

I understand that this is not the experience for many others, especially this year, so it causes me to be deeply appreciative in the wake of the Thanksgiving holiday, and full of prayer for those who carry the hope for something similar in their own families one day.

Gathering people around a meal has always been a delight for me. As a beloved mentor phrases it, it’s fun to “give people an excuse to get together”. There’s a part of my soul that is fed and filled with delight in both the presence of loved ones in my space and the preparation for that event. I’m all about creating and hosting not only a welcoming and safe atmosphere, but a beautiful one as well. So today, I share with you, dear reader, the table I set for Thanksgiving.


As with most things in my life, there’s a little story with this one.

On Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I was texting my sister-in-love and complaining about being completely uninspired for this year’s tablescape; if I needed to buy anything for it, time was running short. She came to the rescue, sharing photos from Pinterest that she had liked, quickly followed by suggestions of things I could borrow from her to make the pictures come to life. That was all it took! I was off to the fabric store for a red-purple piece of fabric for a runner and Goodwill for cheap[er] gold chargers to round out my collection so that we’d have enough for everyone attending.


My sister supplied the baby white pumpkins which are always helpful for a nod to Autumn – it’s not Christmas yet, people. 🙂


At our home on the mountain, there are a couple acres filled with flora in various forms which means an unending abundance of fresh plants and flowers in every season to bring in and lay on the table. We have this gorgeous green laurel most of the year and I love the way it can be arranged to look like a garland down the center of the table. It also still looks great a week later!

I told my mom that I can never leave, because where else could I just slip on a pair of boots and with clippers in hand run out to the flower garden or the vegetable garden or the old wine barrel holding herbs beside the deck and pick anything I want to make things pretty inside? 🙂

The place cards were the one thing that I had been planning for several months. I gathered leaves on one of the morning walks my co-workers and I typically take and pressed them for a month. The colors of the trees were absolutely stunning this year, don’t you think?


After spraying the edges with a little gold, I grabbed a sharpie and finished them off. Took a total of one month and 30 minutes. 🙂

I’m also thankful for you, and however you found this little space where I collect my thoughts and the sometimes-seemingly-insignificant pieces of my day-to-day. Thanks for reading. 

Gorgeous photos taken by Madison Kay Photography © 2016

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