november 4 . 2016


// my sweet baby niece

This little darling is Camille. She was born in May to my brother and his lovely wife and we are all delighted by her big smile and insatiable curiosity.

// my Portland Gear hat

danaeblog33danaeblog31I’ve had it for awhile and can’t wear it as often as I’d like (business casual?) but I loooove this hat and can wear it with so many outfits. Do you see the outline of our glorious state in the middle of the “P”? Yeah. How in the world people didn’t come up with this brilliance sooner, I’ll never know. Grab yours, or an awesome t-shirt here.

// The Stirring Church’s series Love, Sex, and Everything in Between

As I listen to these messages, I’m reminded of experiencing the first round of this series (when it was called Under the Chuppah) during the California-season so many years ago. The resurrection of it is a gift and relief as I consider how these truths shaped so much of what I believe about purity, health, and wholeness in human relationship. Podcast it.

// loose-leaf tea

danaeblog11-3-3This is not more economical and it’s certainty inconvenient, but the flavor of loose-leaf tea compared to bags is enough to be a game-changer. I know, it’s sort of a tragedy to live in the PNW and be basically off coffee right now, but I’m content because tea is just so perfectly cozy in the Fall. Right now I’m loving a decaf Ginger-Peach from New Seasons and a smooth English Breakfast that I found in the natural bulk section at Fred Meyer – both are organic and fair trade. I’ve found that 4 minutes is the optimal steeping time, and I finish the English Breakfast with a little cream and honey if I have it. Add a side of sourdough toast with homemade late-summer plum jam and you might as well be sipping in merry old England.

// preventative immunity booster

(Thanks to my sister-in-love Maddi for this remedy.)

You will absolutely call me crazy and gross but this W.O.R.K.S.  Mince a clove of garlic (yes, a whole clove – or a half if it’s huge) and squeeze half an orange into a shot glass or tiny bowl. Mix it just enough to get the garlic moving and take the shot. I recommend 3 times a day until you feel better.danaeblog11-3

I felt a little somethin-somethin in my throat on Monday, so I took a shot with each of my meals Monday and Tuesday and finished with one on Wednesday; I feel great. Garlic is like my superhero.

And if you think, “wow, don’t you smell terrible?”, I’ve asked several people – who wouldn’t lie to me – and they can’t smell a thing on me. I don’t know how; perhaps the acid in the orange somehow neutralizes the garlic after-smell, or maybe because it’s only in my mouth for half a second. Just try it! You’ll barely taste the garlic, I promise. Ain’t nobody got time for sickness!

// my gold bar necklace

A gift from my brother-in-law last Christmas, I truly wear this 5 out of 7 days of every week. It goes with absolutely everything.




// Madam Secretary

I may never be over this. The deal was sealed when I watched an interview with the cast and producers and they talked about how they strive to highlight and honor the McCord’s marriage in every. single. episode. Because they were tired of watching the messed up marriages on TV that are the norm now and they wanted to celebrate what is also true and real and powerful in America today. *Sobs* Yes, Jesus. Go ahead. First 2 seasons are on Netflix and the third is airing now. Yes, I do watch live TV like it’s the 1950’s – go ahead and chuckle. 


Professional-grade photographs captured by the delightful Madison Kay Photography © 2016

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