october 7 . 2016

October is my favorite month.

Main reason: it’s getting colder. If you know me even a little, you know I prefer cold weather (read: I really really dislike the heat).

This morning, I added a scarf to my outfit for the first time this season because the chill in the air was just so delicious. There is nothing like walking outside, covered with the right layers in the right places so that cozy goes with you everywhere except your cheeks. Your cheeks are tickled with the 55 degree air but you love it because Fall.

Secondary reason: Color.


Which is so funny, because I don’t really do a ton of color in decorating, in clothing, in makeup or jewelry. I seem to be drawn to neutrals in most things around me, but for whatever reason, the colors of October just thrill me to the core.

I was sharing these Fall-loving sentiments with a friend recently, and about how something seems to be reborn in me every time I experience this change in season. We agreed that for us, it always feels more appropriate to make New Year’s Resolutions in the Fall rather than on January 1st. Somehow, new goals and focuses always make their way into my consciousness around this time every year and I embrace it wholeheartedly. Does anyone else feel this way?

October brings change, a very dramatic and visible change in our environment and reminds us that very few things are constant. The sun will not noticeably shine 365 days a year (at least not in the PNW). We won’t always know whether the rain will fall as promised on our handy-dandy Weather App or if it will only sprinkle and the clouds stay high and light. The trees that provided shade during summer months will very soon be bare and brown and sleepy-winter-lovely.

I could go on to express how jobs change, people change, attitudes change, loves change, opinions change, but we’ve read it all before and you know for yourself which change you are facing which may be uncomfortable or exciting or unnerving or hopeful.

My word for the season is “Presence”. I chose it because I want to be more aware of both His Presence that is all around me and in me and through me, and I also want to be fully present, sharing my fullest self wherever I am and whomever I’m with.

There have just been too many Octobers where I get so excited for it’s arrival and then gasp when I realize it’s Halloween and can’t recall more than 5 days of the whole month. Can you relate? “This month has flown by!” I don’t want to hear myself say that anymore. I want to move with the days, the people, the experiences, the hardships, the joys, the life… patiently, appreciating all that comes with this living.


I want to breathe deeply. To pause on my way out the door and kiss my daddy on the cheek instead of just hollering, “have a great day!” as I go. To brave the crazy steep uphill road on my run because it’s the prettiest street in my town even though I’ll have to walk half the distance. To hold my baby nieces, looking into their lovely eyes and teach them about love as much as they can experience it right now. To be aware of every day this October and the seasons beyond it.

What change is coming this season that you need courage to face? Please hear these words offered kindly: don’t press your eyes shut and rush from event to event from meeting to meeting from class to class from person to person, willing your heart to not be too heavily crushed with the weight of the impending different-normal. Open your eyes, find that sturdy and sure Foundation and lean into the wind that blows the skin on your face till it’s almost raw. Feeling this moment will be courageous enough and you’ll find that the strength required to face it is the very strength that will bolster your next step into it. You have what it takes. 


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