august 26 . 2016

san diego lovin’

I. Ocean Beach at sunset is pretty perfect. The girls had never been on a California beach before, so of course they were overjoyed when they could play in the waves for hours and “not get hypothermia”. As the sun went down, I was content to sit on the shore and watch them, breathing deeply of the salty air and letting every tension melt into the sand.

happy girls


II. The next morning, Mission Beach called to us with a dear friend’s worship outreach, our own prayers and conversations with locals, a horrid sunburn, and purchasing a wooden rosary even though I’m not Catholic. Takeaways: Saturdays are crowded on the beaches of San Diego – Jesus always loves telling people how much He adores them – you only need to recall, “Dios te bendiga” from your 3 years of high school Spanish to make friends with a passing saleswoman – I love sold-out-for-Jesus-22-year-olds.

III. Little Italy. Yes. All the love for this place. The girls wanted to do our Bible study there so we sat outside Pappalecco (gelaaattoooo) and read the first chapter of Romans. It was almost as amazing as reading Romans in actual Rome. Close enough. Note for next time: spend all-day every-day in Little Italy.

video for Dylan

IV. Long, gorgeous Sunday morning spent on the back patio – the other place I would spend all my time. I don’t have the best words to describe the sweetness of those hours, but I will cherish the memory of the feelings that came from the Lord’s near presence and the breeze cooling me from across the canyon behind.


V. The very last morning, the girls wanted every spare minute to be spent at the beach. So, up at 6:15, eggs and sausage in the car, and almost 3 hours of boogie-boarding bliss ensued.


VI. I consider it a true honor to walk beside these gorgeous girls in this season of their lives. They are passionate, driven, thoughtful, and gifted. They want more and won’t be satisfied until they walk in the fullness of all that Jesus is offering to them. And, also, high school. So The Biebs, TSwift, and this will continue to find a place in our time together; I love all the car dancing/singing/rapping so much.

Emma, I just always need more of this in my life. Bless you and your incredible journey! Thanks for speaking life to me.
Ron and Mary, thanks for being – literally – the best. Love you and your deep hearts for the Kingdom. Abby, you’re a gem. Can’t wait to see all of the stages you conquer in your life!

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