august 18 . 2016

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// flirting with “minimalism”

I’ve decided that I just want to live with less. I have more than enough clothes, make-up, toiletries, jewelry, decor. I disliked having clothes that I never wore (did the whole, backwards-hanger-if-it’s-not-forwards-in-a-year-you-won’t-wear-it-again deal and WOW too many!) in my closet because I might need it someday. I hated knocking over bottles of unused beauty products under the bathroom sink when I was putting folded towels away. So I started purging stuff!

This started a few months ago when one of my besties told me that she was utilizing Marie Kondo’s method of organization to clean out her closets. Instantly inspired by the “if it doesn’t spark joy, you don’t need it” mantra, I went to work and slimmed my closet to half its original size. I couldn’t stop after that, moving to my bathroom drawers, my crafting supplies, and keepsakes.

Something else that helped was my friend Ellie’s recently-launched blog Selflessly Styled – could also be it’s own “stuff I’m loving”.Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.20.03 PM This post in particular really struck a chord in
my spirit; I was so convicted as I realized that I had bought into the cultural norm of tying my “success” or my projected image to how much I had. No good. I’ve also committed to shopping ethically; more on that in a later post.

Now, after the purge, picking out outfits is easy because I only kept pieces that I love. I have noticed that because I have less, I’m wearing the same outfit about every 10 days, but I love that I get to shift my thought process from– “I need a new outfit” –to–“obviously, I love this outfit, so of course I’m wearing it again!” It’s just a perspective shift, people. And it’s good for me.

Apparently, I consider books to be completely outside of my minimalistic purging…because I only got rid of mayyyyybe 6 titles, keeping two completely full bookcases, stacks beside my bed, and two new purchases this month (because Shauna and Lisa. Duh).

// John and Lisa Bevere Podcast

These two are gems and spiritual powerhouses. They spend about 15 minutes a week dialoging about various topics related to faith and family and leadership and I am just all about it. They obviously adore each other and I think good marriages need to be celebrated as much as possible, don’t you? Go here to subscribe.

// Lara Casey

Do you guys know about her?? My life coach introduced me by sending a 6-month set of the PowerSheets and I’m over the moon! Because I live my life with passionate intentionality, her process of thoughtful goal-setting speaks my language on so many levels. These are some pics of my preparation:

// My Life Coach

Everyone needs an Anna!! I have spent most of the summer writing curriculum for a new ministry venture I’m launching this Fall and hired Anna to help me achieve my goals! I can’t say enough good things about her support, encouragement, and ability to ask the hard questions that realllllly get me thinking on the level that stimulates creativity. I have also participated in three of her online challenge groups and the things I learned continue to have significant impact on my life. If you are interested, you can join one of her challenge groups on Facebook or email her. How did I find her, you ask? I’m so lucky – we went to college together! I was honored to work alongside and under her for two years; she was basically my hero because of how brilliant, kind, efficient, and integrous she is. Who am I kidding – she’s still my hero!


// Brené Brown

A dear friend recommended Rising Strong, Dr. Brown’s latest, and I finished it in two weeks. Wow. I plan to devote an entire post to my thoughts about the content in this book, but for now, I’ll share that her research and experiences with vulnerability and shame have helped me to both press into the pain of my own story to find full acceptance (of myself and by God) and healing and encourage others to do the same. This is life-changing material, if we let it be.

// the Olympics

Because, the WORLD is united in at least ONE EVENT! #praises. Also, the only other time of year when our TV is on every night (the other being Blazer-you-know-it-as-“basketball” season). This year, we joined our dear friends, the Carters, for their Opening Ceremonies celebration (pictured below). We ate loads of incredibly delicious Brazilian food: Pão de Queijo [cheese-bread], Moqueca [fish soup], Picanha [steak], Arroz de Brasil [rice], and limào [limeade made with whole limes]. I laid on the floor as we watched the Opening Ceremonies because I literally couldn’t sit up from my stomach being SO full. It was bliss. Also awesome: the Refugee Olympic team. COME ON. All the sobbing emojis. I love the world.


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