july 29 . 2016


written as I consider the pain that I see being felt all over the world


Lately, I have been feeding on His faithfulness because He has been so good, because He is good right now, and because I need to constantly remember that He will always continue to be good, will never cease to be good, and is even better than I think He is.

Dear Reader, if you claim to know Him yet felt your insides squeeze a little when you read one, two, maybe all of the phrases right above this one…oh, I’m praying for you tonight.

The One who takes an interest in the state of the country.
The state of this hemisphere.
The state of the world.

The One who sees the brokenness of humanity – all of us – yes, the red, yellow, black, and white ones.

The One who actually planned for us – His darling and powerful creations – to be the extension of His goodness and redemption in the world. He’s not to be blamed for what is happening around us. No, He is very much the One who is ready to empower those who would give their “yes” to Him. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of “I care a little” to “I must act on behalf of these hurting and broken and persecuted ones”…try giving just a little space and silence to press in and sense what His feelings are about it.

Chances are, they are deeper than yours.

And it is a beautiful thing … first, to know the empathy of the Creator with His created one … then to realize that the pain sat with Him first – before it ever occurred to you to let yourself feel it – … then to allow yourself to be moved to action because you encountered Him and now know His heart for the matter.


Don’t mistake “doing something” for simply using your “voice” on the internet.

Don’t mistake “praying for ______” for changing your profile picture temporarily.

Actually DO something.

(Maybe without telling anyone about it.)

And then, actually pray for them. Like, maybe for a full 60 seconds (or longer). Whoever it is that is making your heart beat a little faster, your blood boil a little hotter, your lungs feel for a moment that all the air has been pressed from them. Go to the throne room and stand in the gap for them.


I have to tell you this: it is entirely possible to be totally aware (as in: not in denial or choosing ignorance) of the horrendous evil that is running rampant in our nation, in our world and


stand in firm, powerful belief that God is on the side of people – all people, all life. That He is with His beloved ones. That He is identifying with the black man, with the police officer, with the illegal immigrant because He created them.

He made them well and He will never, ever give up hope that they will look into His eyes and give Him their yes and and their love.

I believe that He is still good. In the midst of turmoil, tragedy, horrific instances like lives being ended in the name of justice. He is still good. He is still perfect love. He still is, and will always be, the One who comforts, consoles, loves, cherishes, speaks truth.


It won’t help to stay in your blissful ignorance.
It won’t help to stay silent in conversation to avoid conflict and discomfort.
It won’t help to retweet, repost, regurgitate.

The most impactful moments happen through relationship. That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it will always be.  Live in this real life, in this real moment, in this real conversation with a real human being. Make your impact as only you can. Pray for His eyes to be clamped onto your eyes – you will see a perspective that no other human being can see because it’s unique-you partnering with all-seeing-Him, the One who sees most intently. That partnership has the capacity to change your world – even if it’s one life today in your world.

Don’t miss that opportunity to love, to spread hope, to share sorrow.

praying for Perfect Love to wrap up in His strong and comforting arms the broken, the abused, the wounded, the grieving, the dying, the confused, the angry, and the hurting.



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