march 4 . 2014

. the Oregon Season .

I moved back to the place of my birth over the weekend.


I left my 7-year life in California, my community, my ‘family’, my friends, my church, my ‘safe places’ and came back to . . . a new life in an old place.

Did God call me here?



My personal philosophy on God’s will and purposes is this: because my heart is for His and my one desire is to please Him only, I believe [and He has told me numerous times] that He trusts me and honors my decisions. I chose to move home–and though I felt His pleasure the moment I made that decision, it was further confirmed by the fact that nothing stood in my way to keep the move from happening. ┬áSo I will never claim that God called me here, but I believe He is honoring my choice. He will use me just as much as He did in California, because as I said, my heart is for Him and Him alone.

// One other note about choice — Because I take ownership of this and other decisions, this means that I have no right to “blame” God or use Him as an excuse if things don’t turn out the way I hope they will. It’s my responsibility to own my choices and the consequences and blessings coming as a result of those choices; He is faithful to stand with me through all. It is also my responsibility to embody a free, powerful, and joyful attitude as I face this season — transitions, disappointments, and complications included — if I am faithful to do my part well, He will be faithful to do His //

So I look this season, this Oregon Season, in the face and declare, that I will live
W E L L  here . . . I will laugh. I will celebrate. I will mourn. I will do community. I will support my family. I will love those who are hard to love. I will take risks. I will ask for help. I will have grace. I will honor. I will run. I will rest. I will learn. I will live well. I will choose Jesus.


3 thoughts on “march 4 . 2014

  1. Ummm, this was amazing! Good word today, I needed to read this. Oh Oregon, you’re so lucky to have our girl, take care of her:)

  2. LOL! it was literally the same thing. hahaha, you weren’t kidding. Thanks Jesus for speaking truth to us, and thank you that your calling to a higher standard is not daunting- your grace is sufficient. xoxo

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