november 13 . 2013

and then my nephew was born.


And every thought and care and anxiety disappears when looking into his precious little face . . .

And this miracle from God’s arms changes an entire family overnight. We care more, we love more, we want to spend more time together and celebrate and cherish and believe the best because this little one helps remind us of what is really true. This truth is revealed in what we can show him, teach him, tell him. And so what will we show him? What will we teach him? What will we tell him?

That this family he was born into isn’t perfect. But we are learning to love better. We are striving to bring more of Jesus and Hope and Peace into our conversations and interactions and choices. We are better than we used to be.

That he was born into great destiny, great purpose. He isn’t coming into a world that will be so lost that he can’t make a difference — he will make a difference. He was designed for it. His life brings something that no other human in history could bring. And we will help him realize his destiny, realize his purpose, and point him in the direction to foster the deep development of who he was created to be.

And we will show him, teach him, tell him, how wonderful it is to follow a Great and Mighty and Loving God. And we will pray for him, that he will choose to give his life to pursue this God with passion and intimacy and depth. We will do our best to instill a resolve in his spirit to believe the  B E S T  about the world He created . . . to see the good, to always seek and believe the truth, and to speak life about it.

For he was not born into a hopeless place.


There is hope.

God is good. He is sovereign. He is righteous. And this as the foundation of a new life, of a way of life, a way to life . . . truth brings light and focus. So I will love my nephew and show him the light. Show him God.

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