october 19 . 2013

C H A N G E .

About a month ago, I sat with a desperate roommate who had been faithfully applying for jobs and was being turned down on every side. We prayed and sought and practically begged for God to intervene and allow her dreams to come true. When she left, I turned to another roommate and said, “Breakthrough is coming. It has to be close. For all of us.”

I live with four outstanding women, passionate women, powerful women. One had been waiting for over a year for a proposal of marriage. One had been seeking for the teaching job of her dreams. One had been anticipating a move closer to her family and a career shift. One had been living, dreaming, pursuing… and me. I was fed up with food service and ready for C H A N G E .

Because you see, I  L O V E  change. I do. I especially seem to love moving. I’ve done it 3 times in 2 years. I love new beginnings, I love fresh starts, I love transition. I embrace it.

Well, the first is engaged, the second has a teaching job, I am moving back to the best-Pacific-Northwest, and the third is moving, too. Soon.


C H A N G E .

It’s so, so good. The Lord is meeting us in each of these places.  And this doesn’t even include the other breakthroughs in the lives of my close friends. He is  M O V I N G  and He is up to G O O D  S T U F F .

More on this later.

ImageEagle Crest, Redmond, Oregon, October 2008

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