october 3 . 2013

I’m reading this wonderful, wonderful book.

Keep Your Love On! 

I don’t want to take up space telling you the premise, other than:
It basically gives practical advice to maintain healthy connection in every important relationship in your life, especially when those relationships are facing conflict or confrontation.

I began reading it a few months ago and sporadically patted myself on the back . . .

Way to go, D! You are so good at being kind, honoring, and respectful to absolutely EVERYONE you interact with! Yes! Jesus loves you!


Now, I’m not even half-way through and the Lord has given me upwards of a dozen opportunities to effectively communicate that I am NOT kind, honoring, and respectful.

To a  L O T  of people.

And unfortunately, most of time I’m not to the people in my life who are closest and most dear to me.

(please do not misunderstand – I don’t believe the Lord is giving me these opportunities to shame me . . . only to bring my tendencies/bad habits to the surface so I can remedy them/renew my mind/form new habits/etc.)

In journaling and processing these circumstances and my not-so-great responses to them, my consistent response was


Face-to-face with my humanity! I’m not that great! I’m not perfect, no matter how hard I try, and I should not be the role model that people follow to learn how to deal with conflict!

Other times, I totally rocked it and Holy Spirit gets all the credit for that – helping me to cut my reactions short and actually employ the God-given filter in my brain that shuts my mouth before things get hairy.

Working so hard on this because I so want to represent Jesus and his unconditional love, respect, and honor of  A L L  people . . . the hardest place for me to practice this is in the midst of conflict.

Prayers, please. 🙂

One thought on “october 3 . 2013

  1. Proud of you. Praying for even more revelation, but also clairty to praise the habits you have acknowledged and for choosing to embrace His unconidtional love for you and in you! Love you.

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